Being a boss means you have your life together, people look up to you (possibly even for meaningful life advice), and you’re generally acceptable as a leader of people. Let’s get right to the signs!
#1: People have asked you to babysit children, house-sit or watch their pets. This signals a belief that you probably won’t kill the people or animals that are most important to them. And you also probably won’t burn their house down!

#2: You can bring a girl back to your place without worrying about what sort of a mess she might encounter. A true boss keeps his living quarters clean.

#3: You get your holiday shopping done early. This shows maturity and is a great sign that you’re able to plan ahead like a boss!

#4: Your phone is always charged. If your phone dies randomly and seemingly out of your control, we’re sorry but you need to step your game up!

#5: Your fridge is fully stocked, including with fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t rotting away and causing a health hazard inside your refrigerator. This is just another sign that you take care of your living environment and are generally a responsible person.

#6: You don’t run out of toothpaste. This is yet another great indicator that you’ve become good at planning ahead, which is an important boss quality to have.

#7: You’ve had at least one friend for 10 or more years. This shows some stability in your life, which is vastly one of the key signs that you’re a boss.

#8: You own two or more sets of sheets for your bed. You also wash them regularly, which goes without saying if you’re a boss.

#9: You engage in some sort of workout routine. If you don’t care about longevity enough to exercise and never want to test your limits with a tough workout, you aren’t a boss.

#10: If you can’t remember the last time you had a sunburn, that’s another great indicator that you might be a boss!

Now we’ve given you a list of ten signs that show you’re a boss among men! Hopefully you qualified.