Never, ever, EVER mention any of these things to a woman without children, unless you have some masochistic death wish.
#1: Biological Clock
If you start talking about her biological clock, you should fully expect her to tear your head off with her bare hands. Bear hands?

#2: Kids Are The Meaning Of Life
Nobody who doesn’t have children understands this shit, so stop telling them about how having kids was the best decision you ever made and that it added so much meaning to your life. Your advice is falling on deaf ears!

#3: Responsibility (Or Lack Thereof)
Making little hints at the fact someone has no responsibilities because they don’t have kids isn’t clever or right (all the time), and it might get you stabbed!

#4: Potential Great Mom
Telling this woman who doesn’t have kids what a great mom she’d be is pointless and not going to get her babymaker churning out babies at an alarming rate. She knows she’d be a great mom, that doesn’t mean she has to pop out a bunch of kids immediately.

#5: Growing Up
Insinuating that having children is a required part of growing up is beyond insane. You can turn into a very mature person without ever having kids.

#6: Selfishness
It’s selfish not to have kids? Okay. In reality, you can be selfish as a parent too… and unselfish as someone who will never have kids. Don’t ever bring up selfishness in the “you should have kids” discussion with a woman who doesn’t want kids! She will either school you or kill you.

#7: A Phase
Telling her it’s just a “phase” not to want kids is another terrific way to piss off a woman without kids, especially one who doesn’t want to have children.

#8: Parents
The question revolving around her parents could be something utterly insane like, “What if your parents decided not to have you?” This is supposed to be some eye-opening argument, but the answer to that question is just a simple, “Then I wouldn’t exist!”

#9: Loneliness
Assuming a woman is lonely just because she doesn’t have kids is crazy and she has every right to call you a nutjob for doing so. She could have all kinds of other people in her life.

#10: Sleep
How about you don’t whine about not getting any sleep because you have kids to a woman without kids? You made the choice to have children. How about you don’t try to make her feel bad for being able to sleep in because she chose not to have children? Yeah, that’d be terrific!

Now you know the things not to mention when you’re talking to a woman without kids. Stay safe out there!