Madeline Scotto is 100 years old, but she still walks to school three days per week to prepare children for the math bee. At the elementary school she herself attended, she also taught for decades… and now she’s 100 years old and still active with the kids of students she previously taught.
Scotto grew up in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NYC, where she went to school at St. Ephrem’s elementary school and later became a teacher at the same school. In her 100 years of life, she’s given birth to five children. All of them are retired today and have given her nine grandchildren. She also has 16 great-grandchildren to help keep her feeling young along with the kids she still teaches at school.
Today, she tutors children to coach them for math bees. Her philosophy isn’t about winning though, it’s about giving 100%! As she puts it, “I never think of a child as, ‘He was a winner, he was a loser.'” The question she would rather ask is, “Did he work hard?”
Boss tips from a 100 year old math teacher: Eat well, always try to be active, and don’t stress over things you can’t control!