10-year-old Maisie, inspired by singer Jessie J (who shaved her head for charity), had something special planned for her 10th birthday.

Instead of throwing a birthday party for herself and getting a bunch of awesome gifts, she instead opted to throw a fundraising party for the Little Princess Trust. The organization provides wigs made from real human hair for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.
It was her goal to raise £1,000 and she had already raised more than £700 by the time her special birthday fundraiser party went down. Each wig costs £350 to make.
Instead of presents, she asked that her friends bring donations for the Little Princess Trust instead.
But that’s not all! Maisie went into full boss mode, when she decided to shave her head and donate her beautiful blonde locks to charity. Now her hair will be made into a wig and improve the self esteem of a child without hair due to chemo therapy.
10-year-old Maisie is a boss and we thank her for being so charitable. Many adults could learn a thing or two from her.
We’ll leave you with a bosslike quote from Maisie herself, “Jessie said she wanted to do it to encourage people that it wasn’t what you look like that counts, but being happy with who you are. I think the same, and if I can show that and help a kid like me who doesn’t have a choice about changing their looks, that’s brilliant.”