Lela Burden turned 111 years old in May of this year and still considers herself young and blessed to be alive. She said, “I’m not old yet, I’m still a young lady.” She still remembers most things about being in school almost 100 years ago!
Unfortunately, in 1918, schools were temporarily shut down in the area where Lela lived due to a flu pandemic, so she was never able to finish her high school education to get her diploma.
By the time schools re-opened, a teenage Lela Burden was already working two jobs and embracing the struggle that is life. With more life experience than most people could manage to collect in 2-3 lifetimes, she certainly deserves her honorary high school diploma and finally received it in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.
When questioned about being one of the oldest women in the world and how it makes her feel, she simply said, “Not any different. Still have your aches and pains but thank God I’m still alive.”
111-year-old Lela Burden, you are a boss lady!