Here are a few life hacks that will blow you away with how brainy and clever they are. You’ll probably go through at least half the list before the weekend is over, if you’re anything like me.
1. This is a great way to weed out spam in your e-mail account. Boss tip: Toss them into a special folder, if you want to go through them at some point to make sure nothing you actually wanted to see was deleted.

2. If you want to hang something up on the wall, this is extremely useful!

3. Mmm breakfast! Boss tip: Don’t leave any open packages in the drawer of goodies, because it will attract insects and maybe even rodents (i.e. mice). Also choose some healthy snacks, please!

4. Stay organized with your shopping or otherwise using ordered lists. Crossing something off is very satisfying!

5. Stop talking to robots.

6. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles. This is tons of fun!

7. Sometimes you have to dial 0 a few times to get this to work, but it’s worth it. You’ll get to talk to an actual human being for once!

8. Exceptional advice, especially when you’re watching football with 50,000 commercials per game!

9. The struggle with potato chips was real. Now the problem has finally been solved!

10. 30 minutes can make all the difference. Try it and find out for yourself!

11. Utilizing public transportation to and from work (or other places) can make you a lot more productive! Use your time.

12. This one is for the lazy, but we’re not here to judge you. We just want to help you!

13. Add exercise into your daily routine whenever possible. Humans are meant to be moving! A lot.

You’re welcome for the newfound productivity in your life.