Getting inked – and body art in general – has become much more accepted in recent years and the resulting ink explosion has been breathtaking. While many love to focus on the poorly done ink and terrible tattoos, we’re different and wanted to show you some stunningly beautiful tattoos done by some extremely talented artists.
1. Butterfly Tattoo
The intricate detail and shadowing makes this one so beautiful and realistic.

2. Oxytocin Tattoo
The love hormone in its molecular structure as a tattoo. Beautiful!

3. Owl Tattoo
So freakin’ cool! We love everything about this owl tattoo. It’s a little weird and so well done.

4. Wing Tattoo
Wing tattoos on the back are fairly common, but including the upper arm into the design is unique. It’s done beautifully in this piece!

5. Feather Tattoo
This one is truly mindboggling. It looks like a real feather on her hip! Wow! It might be our favorite overall.

6. Treble Clef Tattoo
If you love music and tattoos, we’re sure you also very much enjoy seeing a nice treble clef tat. This is a really cool one!

7. Watercolor Floral Tattoo
This really looks like it’s just watercolor. Amazing!

8. American Flag Tattoo
Lots of people get the American flag tattooed on their bodies, but a few unique ones like the one below really stand out.

9. Tree Tattoo
That is one impressive tree tattoo! It makes you wonder how long it took to do that.

10. Unique Floral Tattoo
The paint splatter effect on this one goes extremely well with the blossom design.

11. Father’s Handprint Tattoo
While the execution of the tattoo is great, the backstory is what makes this one so special. When his father died, he got a handprint and had it placed on his shoulder in tattoo form like a boss!

12. Skull Chief Tattoo
You can’t really have a tattoo compilation without a skull piece! This Native American inspired skull chief tattoo is about as badass as it gets!

13. Zombie Tattoo
Who wouldn’t want the living dead all over their lower leg and foot? This is pretty killer for sure!

14. Musical Ear Tattoo
A very innovative way to do a music tattoo. Right on the ear!

15. Spider-Man Tattoo
A superhero tattoo can be really cool, if it’s done like this!

Those are our favorite 15 bosslike tattoos. If you have some badass ink, we’d absolutely love to see it!