Here at Like A Boss, our faith in humanity truly never wavers. We see great examples of the human spirit on a daily basis, because it’s our primary goal to spread love, motivation and kindness through our online platform and otherwise.
We realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have it be their job to find examples of good people doing great things. To rectify this just a little bit, we thought we’d start this week off right by hitting you with a fascinating dose of humans being humans and performing random acts of kindness.
We hope you enjoy these wonderful 15 stories that define what empathy, kindness and selflessness are all about. Prepare to have your faith in humanity restored!
1. This elderly woman does what she can for her community like a boss.

2. A man found a stray dog in terrible health and nursed it back to health. Wow.

3. The most simple of acts, like giving your shoes to someone less fortunate, can make a massive difference in the life of another human being.

4. Police officers can be really good people too!

5. Cameron Lyle, an incredible collegiate athlete, missed the last two meets of his track & field career (including the America East Championships) in order to be able to donate bone marrow to a man with leukemia, whom he had never met. The man had six months to live and Cameron Lyle was a match.

6. Officer Kevin Briggs prevented a suicide.

7. Zach Galifianakis helped out an elderly lady in a big way, when she really needed it.

8. There is a millionaire in Maryland that dresses up as Batman and visits sick children to put smiles on their young faces.

9. A previously homeless man decided to return the favor to a man he had seen being kind to less fortunate individuals.

10. THIS is what sportsmanship is.

11. I wrote about this old man’s story a few months back, but it’s worth sharing again!

12. Students hooked up a school janitor. These kids are amazing!

13. About a month or so ago, a man in Perth, Australia got his leg stuck between a train and the platform. Fellow commuters pushed the train to the side in order to free him.

14. This cute little disabled puppy got a set of wheels to get around on from a kind human.

15. A little boy’s mother taught him well!

We hope these will brighten your day a little bit, especially if you’re having a less than ideal Monday. Remember to be kind. If someone helps you out, try to pay it forward in some way.