The 15 views from tents around the world you’re about to take a peek at might inspire you to go on your own camping adventure.
1. Santa Cruz, California
Santa Cruz is world-renowned for its moderate climate and naturally beautiful coastline. As you can see, that view from your tent in the morning is breathtaking and you probably won’t even have to freeze your butt off at night to experience this one!

2. Paa, Mustang, Nepal
Wake up to this and have a bad day? Not likely!

3. Unknown Location
If you know where this was taken, please leave it in the comments. There is snow, so you better pack some cold gear to avoid freezing to death overnight.

4. Canyonland National Park, Utah, USA
The numerous canyons in this national park were eroded away by the Colorado River and the Green River. If you’re into beautiful holes in the ground, it’s a great place to go camping!

5. British Columbia, Canada
You better bring your snow boots to go hiking in these parts, but boy will the journey be worth it for this view from your tent.

6. Kargiakh, Zanskar, India
The Zansar Mountain Range will blow you away, if you’re ever lucky enough to go there on a boss adventure.

7. Ross Lake National Recreation Area, Washington, USA
You may have seen this picture floating around the Web the last couple weeks. Now you know where it is!

8. Homer Bay, Alaska, USA
Just one of the epic pieces of scenery the massive state of Alaska has to offer. If you want a steady stream of amazing views from your tent, going on a camping trip in Alaska is a pretty safe bet. It’s just so beautiful there!

9. Sugarloaf Ridge, California, USA
Located in Northern California in the Mayacamas Mountains, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park has a ton of natural beauty to explore. There is also a pretty kickass waterfall there!

10. Seti River, Nepal
Another amazing spot to hit up if you’re ever in Nepal, the Seti River is a glacial river that originates in the Himalayas and offers an amazing view to see upon zipping open your tent!

11. McNeil Ridge, Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA
Mount Hood is a stratovolcano in northern Oregon about 50 miles east of Portland. It’s Oregon’s highest mountain and probably one of the coolest places in the USA to have an outdoor camping adventure.

12. Unknown Location
Good luck finding it!

13. Joffre Lakes, British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia makes the list again with this stunning view from a tent set up at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. The park features several mountains, a boss glacier and beautiful glacial lakes!

14. Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia
Off the coast of Cambodia is the island of Koh Rong Sanloem. It definitely looks like a lovely place for a camping trip. BRB booking plane tickets to Cambodia!

15. Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA
The night sky here might be unmatched in beauty. If you wanna go camp in a desert, then you’re in luck here, because Joshua Tree National Park includes parts of the Mojave Desert and also the Colorado Desert. Not only that, but there is also a huge wilderness area to explore. That’s good enough for the camping adventure of a lifetime!

Now you know what sort of views you’re missing out on, if you don’t go camping in a tent regularly. These 15 spots are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s out there for you to explore on planet Earth!