Check out this brainiac Maadhav Shah over here. This kid is 16 years old and already has three associates degrees from American River College (ARC). His degrees are in math, physical science, and social science, but he’s not even close to done yet.

This boss is still going to high school while attending the local college to snatch up his three degrees. He’s been taking classes at the college since the age of 10. Usually students have to be 16 to attend the school, but ARC made an exception for Maadhav because he’s not only extremely intelligent, but also very mature for his age.

More recently, Maadhav Shah took the SAT – a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States – and scored a perfect 2400 on it! He was a little surprised about the perfect score when he found out about it, because he only spent a few weeks preparing for the test specifically. He said, “When I saw it (the score), I checked to make sure it was my name and my email, and then I was really happy.” Less than 0.03% of students who took the test last year managed to nail a perfect score.
What does the future hold for Maadhav Shah? Great things, that’s what! He will be a senior at Granite Bay High School this fall and hopes to study engineering at Stanford or Cal Tech after he graduates.