Here are some original ways a few creative couples decided to announce their pregnancies. If you’re pregnant and about to announce it, take note of your competition with the 20 creative pregnancy announcements below!
1. Super Mario
Player two will be pressing start in October to join the game!

2. Will Smith
Emily met Will Smith and decided to ask him to help her announce her pregnancy!

3. Eating For Two
And the future dad is drinking for two! Sounds like a great deal to me.

4. Twins
A great way to transfer morning sickness.

5. 28 Days Late
Nice twist on a movie poster.

6. Ice Ice Baby
Vanilla Ice must love this one.

7. Zombie Survivalists
We’re gonna need more ammo over here!

8. Fetal Jack-o’-lantern
This one really took some amazing pumpkin carving skills.

9. Raising A Boy
Another one inspired by a movie poster.

10. Bump Ahead
A baby bump that is.

11. Matching Shoes
Those are way too big for a baby! These people are not ready!

12. Crib Eviction
She doesn’t look too happy about this.

13. Air
I had no idea that’s how babies are made…

14. Photographers
Nice touch with the balloon!

15. Drinking For Two
These two completely forgot that she gets to eat for two!

16. Then Comes Baby
As you can see, the movie poster theme is pretty popular right now.

17. They Look So… Happy?
Maybe not her…

18. A Little Scary
But only a little bit.

19. Jump
The kids had to jump on her belly so the baby would shoot out. Seems legit.

20. Bananas
LOL @ the eyelashes on the mom one.

So now you know how creative some future parents got with their pregnancy announcements. Good luck topping that!