I never cease to be amazed at the things creative people can come up with. They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and this is certainly true for the people who turned their old useless junk into funky decorations, lights, furniture and more!

1. A former ladder being used as a bookshelf.


2. Turning folding chairs into a useful clothing shelf!


3. How to turn a bottle into a broom.


4. Put old bottles to use as lamp shades!


5. Hot glue + plastic spoons + water jug = modern looking lamp!


6. Skateboards being used as picnic table seating and table top!


7. Give a glove a life as a chipmunk!


8. “Book shelves”

9. Bottle caps make great tea lights.


10. A very cool use for an old piano.


11. Bend a wrench and screw it to the wall and you’ve got a nifty hook!


12. Don’t struggle with a mess of unused electrical cords anymore, use old toilet paper tubes to organize them!


13. The bicycle sink!


14. If bagels are a part of your daily diet, CD cases make for great lunch boxes.

15. Make your wooden fence a little more majestic with colored marbles.

16. Can’t receive emails on your old pc? Use it for receiving real life mail.


17. Cheap hangars can be used to make awesome room dividers.


18. Always losing your guitar pics? This device will let you convert your cards into perfect pics.


19. Got another spare piano kicking around? They make for classy waterfalls and outdoor planters too!

20. These light bulb candles are actually quite awesome!


21. The bike wheel clock.


22. Done with your old drum set? It would make for a perfect chandelier in a jam room.



23. For those of you that remember what cassette tapes are and actually still have some laying around, they convert well to coin carriers.

24. from bathtub to couch.


25. Suitcases are becoming more and more outdated, but still work great as funky chairs!


26. Wine bottles can be turned into very cool chandeliers.

27. The TV fish tank.


28. Here’s how you can make chain linked things out of pop tabs.

29. These hats are being used as ceiling light shades.


30. The tennis racket mirrors.