How badass would it be to have Wolverine claws on your hand? Well, now it’s possible for these disabled kids in need of arms and hands with specially-engineered, 3D-printed, prosthetic limbs that look like those of superheroes, i.e. Wolverine or Ironman!

The prosthetic hands are provided by a group of volunteers made up of engineers, 3D-printing specialists, physical therapists, designers, and pretty much anyone else who wants to help provide free prosthetic limbs to children. The group is called E-Nabling The Future and they are now distributing their 3D-printed, superhero hands to some lucky kids.

Obviously the children who receive these 3D-printed superhero prosthetics love it! They find out they’re different from most other people at a young age, when they see the majority of other people with two hands and realize they have a disability. Now that sense of being different is actually more of a sense of being awesome, because they have superhero hands!

Those arms and hands are boss!