Decorating Easter eggs doesn’t have to be a dull and boring task with the following four bad ass options that are sure to amaze both children and adults. Let’s get right to it.
1. Onion Shell & Flower Method
This might be the coolest way to decorate Easter eggs that we came across. The images below explain the process that leads to some of the most unique and bosslike Easter egg creations you will ever lay eyes on.

2. Blackboard Eggs

Coat your eggs in chalkboard paint (it comes in different colors) using a small paintbrush and then you can use regular chalk to decorate them further. This is a very unique way to decorate eggs without too much of a hassle at all.
3. Fake Tattoo Eggs

In case you’re too lazy to paint and decorate your eggs in any traditional-ish fashion, then just buy some fake tattoos (the ones you can apply to your skin) and slap them on some eggs. It’s easy, fun and produces uniquely festive eggs in a matter of minutes.
4. Permanent Marker Eggs

This takes a little bit more talent, but all you need is eggs and a fine point permanent marker to make this one happen for you. The end result can be ridiculously awesome or atrocious, depending on your permanent marker skill level. We suggest you practice on a drunken, passed out person’s face before you ruin any of your eggs.
Happy Easter from the Like A Boss crew! Stay safe and enjoy your holiday weekend! If you don’t celebrate Easter, we’re not sure why you read this whole article, but we still hope you have a great weekend as well.