Working out is not only a battle to persevere through physical pain but is also, and mostly a fight to conquer yourself, your personal limits and beliefs. Like a boss has put together this collection of inspiring workout videos and pictures to give you the boost you need to take your game up to the next level!

1. CT Fletcher is an absolute badass and straight to the point fitness gangster! The video starts with him commanding his biceps to grow as he pumps 125lbs with one arm, clearly an extremely effective psyching up technique that any of us could use to get into the zone. The video continues with more badassery to motivate you into becoming a boss like CT Fletcher.

2. Law of The Gym (No Pain No Gain) – We couldn’t’t have a motivational workout video list without Arnold Schwarzenegger dictating inspiring words. Arnold will be a part of world history for ages due to his inspiring accomplishments and philosophy on life, if you haven’t heard this speech already then you must listen!

3. Imagine If You Were Blind – If there was a cure for it, how bad would you strive to reach it? This video uses a unique metaphor that will show you how to easily envision the difference between wanting and NEEDING to achieve your goals.

4. Become a Legend – We all get one chance at life to lay a foundation and leave a legacy, what will yours be?


5. Mehmet Edip is an actor, writer and athlete who trains like a boss and has some truly inspiring words that will keep you pushing forward to be your best. “Dig deep, face your demons, fight your fears and make your own path. Do not condemn who you were yesterday and dream of who you can be tomorrow.”