Daniel Fernandez has a successful YouTube channel with almost 300k followers. He usually goes out in public to do magic tricks, kiss girls and other lighthearted stuff in his videos, but he decided to do something a little different for a struggling convenience store cashier. He wanted to make a heartwarming video and he definitely did just that!
Her name is Debi and she’s Daniel’s favorite cashier at his go-to convenience store near his house. She has to work double shifts to make ends meet, but she still has an overly cheerful attitude that sets her apart from many other cashiers. She always has a smile on her face and makes it a point to put a smile on the faces of customers as well.
Daniel wanted to do something special for this great woman, so he decided to give her a $500 gift out of the blue one day. He picked out a nice card for Debi at the store, wrote something nice on it, and put $500 in cash inside.
With the pretense that he was buying a card for his girlfriend, he went up to Debi’s register. She wanted to check out the card to make sure Daniel was buying something adequate for his GF, but what she found inside was a message to her and a $500 gift instead. She couldn’t believe it at first, but when she realized it wasn’t just a dream it brought tears of joy to her eyes. Of course, he got it all on video for you to watch below! Very inspirational.