Two years ago, a then 9 year old Samuel Love decided to organize a Christmas toy drive like a boss in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Instead of receiving gifts himself, he wanted to spread happiness and joy to other children that needed them more than him. His goal was to cheer up children facing negativity in their lives and he certainly reached that goal. That year, he ended up collecting over 800 toys for children in need, i.e. the kids affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in New York.
With 800 toys collected with his first annual toy drive, Samuel set a new goal for the next year and managed to collect 1,500 toys last year. These toys were sent to the children that were going through tough times due to tornadoes in the states of  Colorado and Oklahoma. He always wants to spread LOVE via toys to kids that are really having a rough time and could definitely use some cheering up.
This year, the now 11 year old 5th grader Samuel Love is once again holding his annual Xmas toy drive and hopes to collect 2,500 toys for children in need. We’re sure he’s going to blow through his goal as his story is already spreading like wildfire thanks to the power of the Internet.
In a speech about his bosslike toy drive, the young Samuel Love said, “I thought about the kids that lived there and how they had just lost everything. So instead of receiving toys, I wanted to give toys to the kids who really needed them.” That really summarizes what he’s trying to do with his Christmas toys drive. It’s truly inspiring to see a young man like Samuel taking action to help other children in such a powerful and meaningful way.
Samuel Love’s story is motivational and uplifting, which is the genuine essence of being a boss.