Carol Clark is a 6th grade teacher at Jaime Escalante Elementary School in Cudahy, California. Last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently had to spend a lot of time going to doctor’s appointments, getting surgeries (including a mastectomy), and undergoing chemotherapy.
She was finally able to return to her job earlier this year, but unfortunately that didn’t last long. Two months after starting to work again, she had a severe reaction to her chemotherapy and was forced to take more time off to deal with her illness.

She had to be hospitalized, lost her vacation days, and as a result she lost her summer pay as well. Her husband, Dave Clark, decided it was time to take action. He is also a teacher at the elementary school and did some research. He quickly found out about the Catastrophic Illness Donation Program, which allows other teachers to donate their sick days to someone suffering from an illness.
Dave took charge and placed a sign-up sheet for the program in the teachers’ lounge at school. Any teacher could donate up to 20 sick days to Carol. The response was mindblowing. 154 days were donated altogether. That’s enough sick days for Carol to recover her lost salary and also have a few sick days left over.
Take that, breast cancer! You can’t keep Carol down. The teachers at Jaime Escalante Elementary rock and we salute them for their unselfish deeds of giving up paid time off to help a fellow educator in need. Their actions speak louder than words and will help inspire the children they teach to do good in the world as well. Our faith in humanity has once again been restored!