Teachers are the sculptors of future generations, thus the future of our world. They are the people who tirelessly work to educate, inspire, motivate, help, care and encourage the soon to be adults of this planet.
This video collection is meant to inspire teachers and give them new ideas to consider about their classrooms. The videos are not just inspirational for teachers, but strongly lean towards that profession. If you’re a teacher, LikeABoss would like to thank you for doing the excellent job you’re doing!

1.     Todd Rose speaks about how catering to the “average” student in a classroom can be detrimental to nurturing an individual’s potential. He goes on to offer solutions that teachers can apply in their classrooms, as well as truly inspiring examples that have had major impacts  in real life scenarios.



2.      “How Schools Kill Creativity” is a notorious TED talk by Ken Robinson that went extremely viral, with over 25 Million views on the TED website. Robinson explains the need for nurturing creativity in the classroom and in fact goes on to state schools “educate us out of creativity”. This is a must watch for teachers!


3.      After surviving a life threatening illness, Ramsey Musallam changed the way he educated his students. Ramsey lives by 3 rules of teaching, prolific advice which was taught to him by the surgeon who saved his life.


4.      In this video, kids are asked “what makes a good teacher?” some of the responses are a little innocent and silly but there are many gems in here any resourceful teacher could turn into useful application.

6.      Paul Anderson took a unique approach toward teaching his class by mimicking some motivating factors found in video games. By having the students feel like they were “leveling up” as they improved their education, Anderson found an effective method for teaching his students, something people of the 80’s gaming generation can fully appreciate.

7.      Rita Pierson passionately relays how forming bonds and connecting with her students has had an essential impact on her students’ ability to absorb information. “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like”. Pierson is truly an inspirational teacher.

8.      Bonus teacher appreciation video: This teacher appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show after a video of him dancing like her went viral. This teacher is totally like a boss, he talks about the teacher who inspired him to get into the profession then receives heartwarming reactions from his students.