To show support for all the children in the world who battle cancer, especially her own younger sister Natalie, a 7-year-old girl named Hannah Gorsegnor went into full boss mode and got her head shaved. She did it as part of the Shave 4 a Cure project, which aims to raise funds to help fight childhood cancer.
She looked a little timid about getting all her lovely red hair chopped off at first, but after the first few cuts and when the buzzer came out she was all smiles! She knows she’s beautiful regardless of the amount of hair on her head. Her little sister Natalie looked a little more upset than her about the whole ordeal, haha!
We salute Hannah for her self-confidence and showing support for kids with cancer all over like a boss! She sets a great example of how to support people fighting cancer.
And… GREAT news: Hannah’s little sister Natalie is in remission!