9 years ago, Ben Pierce was born prematurely and his eyes did not develop properly as a result. Since then, his vision has declined and he is about to lose his eyesight completely at just 9 years of age. Before the world goes dark for him, Ben wanted to go see the Northern Lights.
Northern Lights is the common name for Aurora Borealis, which is a natural light display in the sky that can only be seen in the far north. At high latitudes in the Arctic, in places like Alaska or Norway, the Northern Lights are usually most visible around the spring and autumn equinoxes. Aurora Borealis usually lights up the sky in fluorescent green that may move. Sometimes, they are also a faint red.
When Alaska Airlines pilot Chris Cice found out about the 9-year-old’s predicament, he immediately offered to fly the boy up to Fairbanks, Alaska for free. It was a dream come true for Ben and now he will always have the sight of the Northern Lights embedded into his brain, even when he goes blind. Amazing. He was visibly delighted to be there!