Helen Kavanagh will turn 95 years old in November of this year. She is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, probably one of the best cake bakers in all the lands, and… after last weekend, a flower girl!
What did I just write? Yeah, you’re reading that right. Laura VanPelt is the 94yo grandma’s granddaughter and got married this past weekend. She chose her grandmother, who has served as a role model and so much more her whole life, to be the flower girl at her wedding.

When the request was first made, Helen Kavanagh just laughed it off as a joke from her beloved granddaughter, but Laura was serious. Realizing that it wasn’t a joke, the 94-year-old immediately agreed to do it!
But she wasn’t just the flower girl at the wedding. She also put her years of experience as a cake baker and decorator to good use when she made over 200 truffles and numerous pans of dessert bars for the special day.
Asked to describe what being a flower girl felt like, 94yo Helen Kavanagh said it was the “biggest thrill I’ve ever had.” I bet, but that’s huge praise from someone who has lived 94 years with 11 siblings, several children of her own, 11 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren (so far)!
She looks so happy in the picture and we wish her all the best! What a beautiful story.