Lillian Weber is 99 years old and sews a dress for a new child every day and she’s doing it for a charity called Little Dresses for Africa The organization provides dresses to young girls in Africa and 99yo Lillian Weber has made 840 for them so far!

Every day, she sews a dress for a little girl using a pattern, but she also adds an extra stitching to each dress to make it unique and special for the young girl who will receive it. Weber’s goal before she hits 100 years old is to hit the 1,000 dress mark and she’s well on her way to that with 840, but there is no quit in this lady. She has no intention of stopping after 1,000 dresses. She said, “When I get to that thousand[th dress], if I’m able to. I won’t quit, I’ll go at it again.”

At her farm home in Iowa, Lillian Weber gets up every morning and starts sewing a dress. After a lunch break, she finishes the dress in the afternoon. Extremely humble even after living to be 99 years old, she says she could be making two dresses a day!

She enjoys sewing dresses and simply says, “It is just what I like to do.” By giving each dress her own personal touch, she is certainly connecting to the young girls she’s helping with her charitable work.

Lillian Weber, you are truly an inspiration! Keep sewing those dresses like a boss!