Back in 2012, Irving Caplan had a horrible bicycle accident and was left paralyzed and in a wheelchair. This year, his daughter’s wedding was planned and he wanted to do something special for the occasion. He decided he would stand up for a change and give a moving speech at his daughter’s wedding reception. So he did just that… like a boss!

Thanks to an incredible robotic suit created by Rex Bionics with 29 microprocessors and 10 high-speed actuators, he was able to stand and move by controlling the futuristic robotic suit with a joystick! The determination shown by this father to do something special for his daughter is unmatched. He rose to the occasion in every sense and everyone present to witness this moment wept tears of joy.
Toasting to his daughter’s wedding was extremely important to him and he would’ve done it just the same in a wheelchair, but he did enjoy having the perspective of being able to stand again to deliver his speech. Caplan put it like this: “The speech would have been the same had I delivered it from the wheelchair, but standing up I got the right perspective on the world—the one I had seen for most of my life.”

It’s amazing what robots can do to enhance our lives. The emotional impact it made on his daughter on this special day is beautiful. Just look at that huge smile on her face! Gorgeous.