With numerous — literally thousands — of closed down big box stores sitting empty across the United States, this project is simply a no-brainer. There are hundreds of closed down Walmarts, each taking up almost three football fields worth of space, in the USA and no one has been utilizing them for much until now.
The buildings just sit there rotting away and negatively impacting the environment, so it’s incredibly uplifting to see that some people have taken the time to turn one of these abandoned, closed down Walmart stores into something useful: A public library! The biggest public library in the United States that is.
A company called Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle decided to build the massive library. The abandoned Walmart store they used to make it happen is located in McAllen, Texas. With almost 125,000 square feet, it’s truly enormous and you could spend hours just browsing books inside. A dream for any reader.
It’s not just big though, it’s also awesome. The design of the library is so innovative that it won the¬†International Interior Design Association‚Äôs Library Interior Design Competition. It features 70+ computer labs, numerous meeting and study rooms, self check-out units, an art gallery, a cafe, and even a used bookstore! Who wouldn’t want to spend a day there?!