If the following photos don’t make you feel at least a little queasy, you’re probably one of the people in them with an iron stomach!
Nature can be both a beautiful and scary place when you’re walking a tight rope in the sky.

Maybe you’ll need a break and just sit there relaxing on the side of a mountain up high-as-hell! He looks way too calm!

Let’s go kayaking, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Are they thinking about going down that massive waterfall?!

Another tight roper secured with just a skinny little piece of string. Nope! NOPE! What are you doing? Put that leg back on the rope. You need that to help balance, you know.

And this guy was walking a tight rope, but decided to just have a seat and relax for a bit. Okay.

Tents hooked to the side of a mountain are one way to get nap time in I guess. I wouldn’t worry about them falling. Not at all. (I’m a little worried.)

I’m pretty sure this is Trolltunga in Norway, which offers one of the most spectacular views in the world. Why not do a handstand and split at the same time on top of it?

This bike path looks extremely safe. I would feel at ease for sure. At least they’re wearing helmets, haha!

Is she really reading a book up there? That dude in the sleeping bag is WAY too close to the edge of that tarp thing.

Climb a massive ice penis? Why not?!

Rock climbing… because heights.

These are children or am I blind? What are they doing on the most dangerous path on the planet? Is this some type of sadistic class field trip? I have so many questions!

He just wanted to hug the side of a cliff.

I’m not 100% sure, but this is probably how you die fairly quickly.

Or this. That drop is so high you can’t even see water in the picture!

Eventually, that rock will drop and some crazy tourist will be standing on it, when it happens.

How romantic!

The world’s scariest swing.

Where is this person planning to land?

What a showoff! This would make a cool poster.

Maybe this guy found out about the girl above and decided to take crazy to the next level.

What. The…

That’s one way to practice being an acrobat.

Climbing a tree like this requires a lot of trust in your climbing partner.

Climbing a cave like this requires a lot of trust in your ability to survive.




I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Just another crazy couple doing crazy stuff together. Romance is in the air! Death too!

Don’t slip.

What are you doing? Just jumping my motorcycle across a canyon, so not much I guess you could say…

That’s a great place to practice your handstand skills.

This next one is extremely tame compared to what we’ve already seen, but still insane.

Just some zipline fun.

Would you jump?!

Where is this person?

Just some dude that likes to climb.

Just some dude that likes to climb ice.

If your stomach is still good to go, you should probably go bungee jumping or rock climbing.