Singapore airlines has definitely stepped up their game in the airline industry with their new awesome luxury jet suite. Now for the low price of just $18,400, you can get a taste of what its like to travel like a superstar. The lavish suites include gourmet food, unlimited beverages, and a full size double bed for those wanting to join the mile high club in style.  Get ready to travel like a boss!

First you need a golden ticket to start your epic journey.

Welcome to the luxurious private room which is full of endless riches.

Here is a sample of the exquisite meal which comes with Prime Beef from the U.S. and fried Quail Egg.

Once on the plane, take walk down the aisle to one of the private cabins.

And of course there is an endless supply of alcohol to soothe your nerves before takeoff.

Derek Traveling Like A Boss!

Each individual suite is equipped with a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones.

Not to mention it comes with Italian Salvatore Ferragamo toiletry kit.

Starbucks ain’t got nothing on their coffee menu. Have an alleviating “cup of Joe” to go with that movie.

When turning in for the night just fold down the barrier on the adjacent suite and combine the two for a full size bed.

More room than you could ever imagine.

Even if the next room is occupied you can still settle for a single bed.

Let loose and take care of business in one of their relaxing bathrooms.

Since the long pilgrimage from Singapore is long and strenous, they provide another 5 star meal with Prime Beef Fillet.

There is nothing worse than traveling in coach on a 24 hour flight across oceans. So Boss up, take out a bank loan, sell your house and take a trip with Singapore’s best. You wont regret it!