Most people enjoy a nice vacation or a weekend trip to a nice bed & breakfast, but maybe you have taken it beyond that and are addicted to traveling. Maybe you’re a travelholic with an incurable case of wanderlust!
1. You Daydream About Trips Constantly
As you read this, you’re also thinking about where your next trip will take you.

2. You Have Numerous Foreign Currencies In Your Possession
Maybe you even have more cash in foreign currencies than from the place you’re supposedly living!

3. You Prefer Vacations Over Anything Else
Is your birthday coming up? You probably don’t care, because you’re more concerned about the next time you’ll get a chance to travel. Christmas? You don’t give a flying f### unless there is a winter trip planned around that time!

4. Most Of Your Time Online Is Spent On Travel Blogs
Travel blogs or travel web sites in general take up most of your time online. You don’t even have time to make people have mental breakdowns on Facebook anymore!

5. You Can’t Imagine Spending A Year In One Place
You always need to be moving. Always. A year in one place? No way!

6. You Live Out Of A Suitcase
And you like it that way! It keeps you ready for your next trip at all times. You’re also a leading expert in the field of suitcase packing as a result.

7. You Can Sleep Anywhere
You don’t need a particular bed… or a bed at all for that matter. You can sleep comfortably anywhere.

8. Planning A Trip While On A Trip
If you’re planning your next trip on your current trip, you’re probably a travelholic!

9. All Money Goes Toward Traveling
Food, clothes and trips around the world are where all your money goes.

10. No Attachments
You can’t grow attached to anyone, because you’ll be leaving again soon. Your bucket list is also exclusively made up of places you want to travel to.

Is it a bad thing to be a travelholic? Maybe not. Safe travels, you addict!