Let’s set the scene: You’re asked to babysit your friends’ baby that just happens to only be six months old, naturally you happily agree to watch the mini man. But why not have a little fun with the parents, while they’re gone and worried about their baby boy? (We assume it’s a boy, judging by all the blue. We can never be sure with babies!)
Enter the ability to use Photoshop and you have a recipe for babysitting success! On almost an hourly basis, the poor parents received updates of what was happening to their helpless baby. Below are a few examples. This is how you scare the crap out of parents like a boss!
In the first photoshopped image they received, their friend was taking a walk with the 6-month-old in his stroller, when a vicious T-Rex attacked out of nowhere and they had to make a get-away quickly! Did they make it out of the situation that featured them getting attacked by a hungry dinosaur predator? The parents won’t find out until the next update.

Walking by a creek with the little baby in a stroller, they were attacked by a Great White shark! Survival is unlikely.

Never let a dude bro watch your baby, because he’ll surely get it abducted by aliens that want to experiment on your child! Will they ever be returned to Earth?!

I guess the baby was sent back home after he annoyed the aliens with crying and poopie diapers. While playing in the living room, a venomous cobra came to strike fear into his little heart.

Once again with the baby boy in his stroller! Haven’t they learned anything? Here they are, walking along a peaceful trail, when a gigantic wild bear appears out of nowhere to assert its dominance and eat a little snack of human baby.

End well this will not!