1-year-old Wai-Linn lives in Burma and was suffering from congenital corneal scarring. Essentially he was almost completely blind. He was able to make out objects in very bright light, but with the condition that existed since birth, his development was already affected negatively by his blindness.

While his family did their best to try to help Wai-Linn, they were financially unable to do so. They borrowed money to pay for his medical bills, but eventually there was no one left to borrow from and things seemed hopeless for the little boy.
Thanks to a bosslike global crowdfunding platform for medical care called watsi, the $2,000 needed for the surgery to fix Wai-Linn’s vision was donated by 9 generous strangers. After the surgery, Wai-Linn can see again and will be able to live a normal life!
With his vision restored thanks to these charitable bosses and the surgery they provided with their donations, Wai-Linn can be a regular, happy 1-year-old with a bright future ahead of him!
If you’re interested in donating to watsi, you can read the patient stories here or donate to their universal fund here.