Lisa Reed from Aukland, New Zealand had been blind since the age of 11, when something amazing happened to her at 24 years old. After 13 years of being blind due to a tumor pressing down on her optic nerve, she bumped her head on a coffee table one night and regained her vision!
The incident happened, when she was kneeling down to kiss her guide dog Ami goodnight and accidentally hit her head on a coffee table. Below are a couple pictures of her beloved dog at the time named Ami. What an adorable puppy she was!
She got her eyesight back in 2000 by bumping her head and is still able to see today at age 38 in 2014. While she is still partially visually impaired and has a new dog named Heidi (pictured below) to help her get around, she can see enough to watch her daughter Maddison (also pictured below) grow up.
Because she is extremely grateful for what the Blind Foundation of New Zealand has done for her and other blind people, Lisa Reed uses her story to spread the word about them and help them do fundraisers during Blind Week, which is being held from October 29th through November 3rd this year in New Zealand. She spoke highly of them, “They’ve been amazing. They’ve helped give me the freedom to have my independence. I would be a bit lost without them. I’m grateful for what they’ve given me.”
We wish Ms. Reed all the best and hope she is successful in raising awareness — with the help of the Blind Foundation — about the things blind people deal with on a daily basis. I will leave you with a lovely picture of Lisa Reed with her daughter and her new dog!