Get your shovels and buckets ready, because it’s beach season. That means it’s time to build some epic sand sculptures when you aren’t busy getting stung by jelly fish in the vast land of murder that is the ocean!
Dat Face
This sand head is about to get its skull crushed by what we can only presume is the hand of The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

Hey Pretty Lady!
She’s probably a princess of the beach sand or something. This dude has some talent!

Mini Sand Castle
Built onto a steady hand (which also shows you just how small this thing is), the details on this tiny sand castle are bosslike.

Apparently every person that finds this treasure chest dies. The details on the sand skeletons are magnificent.

Dragon Snack
Massive dragon made out of beach sand eats a person like a boss!

They look so happy. (But they’ll still eat you!)

ET Phoning Home
He’s gotta get back to his home planet.

The lost city has finally returned from the Atlantic Ocean and is now a sand sculpture!

Princess and Her Castle
We really wonder how long a beautiful piece of sand art like this takes to make. It’s gorgeous!

The Simpsons
The whole family hanging out on the couch as per usual.

Geometric Sand Sculptures
These were all done by the artist Calvin Seibert and are very bosslike.

Spongebob Squarepants
What the heck are you doing? He can’t breathe on land!

Smart Car
This sand version is probably as safe in a crash as the real car.