The following bosslike dream homes will amaze you with their extreme awesomeness. Prepare to be inspired to become rich and buy them all!
Perfect Lake House
It even has a two door garage for boats!

Amazing View from the Terrace
The view this home has to offer is incredible. We’d probably sleep outside most nights!

Even Better View
If you thought the view in the previous picture was bosslike, you’ll probably want to turn this into your wallpaper.

Simply Majestic
That house looks terrific, but the pool is even better! Time to pop a few bottles.

Surrounded by Vineyards
If you’d like to grow grapes for your own wine or just live surrounded by vineyards for some other reason, this would be the ideal dream home for you!

Bedroom with Glass Walls
This is genius, because the view is way better than any regular wall could ever be.

That ladder is a nice touch too. This looks perfect to relax in.

Hot Tub with a View
Having a hot tub outside with a view of the city will make you feel like a king!

Epic Living Room
Everything goes together so nicely in this living room with a huge and bosslike couch.

The Pool is Bosslike
Not that the house is too shabby either, but that pool is mindblowingly beautiful!

Island Dream Home
If you want to live on an island, the ideal spot to have your house would be right on the beach. Hopefully it doesn’t get flooded.

Swans in the Pool
There are swans in this pool. Let us repeat that: There are swans in this pool! Need we say more?!

Winter Wonderland
Why not take a dip in your hot tub surrounded by piles of gorgeous white snow?

Bosslike Log Cabin
If you’re going to have a log cabin somewhere in the woods, do it like a boss!

Combining elements of the various dream homes shown could enable someone to easily create the ultimate dream home like a boss!