This compilation of bosslike responses to texts from ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends is simply brilliant.
Miss U
From time to time, an ex will text you to tell you that they miss you. Unfortunately for them, you probably don’t care!

The “Auto-Response”
How great would it be, if auto-responders really worked like this!

April Fools
This one is a little more aggressive because the ex probably wasn’t going to text them without that first message. Still great though!

I Miss You
At least this one spelled out the word “you”, but the response received was still cold as ice. Maybe it was deserved.

You’ll Never Find Someone Like Me
Finish him!

Who Is This?
Oh… Satan. Yeah, I remember you!

I Stood By…
Well, that escalated quickly!

Good Morning Beautiful
The fail is strong with this one. It runs deep.

Error Message
I guess you could file this one under the ‘auto-responder’ category as well. Pretty solid.

Engagement Gift
Thank you so much, crazy ex!

I Still Want You
Who wouldn’t, right? Right?!

Another “I Miss You” Text
This one got heated rather quickly.

I Wanna See You
No problem, just hit up my Instagram. I like this one a lot, because it’s straight to the point.

The Truth
At least he’s honest.

How You Really Feel About Me
Sometimes you just don’t have enough middle fingers to make your feelings known.