What better reason to get inked than to always be reminded of the mother or daughter you love. These beautiful moms and their gorgeous daughters got matching tattoos to signify their eternal togetherness.
They had matching heart tattoos placed on their arms. What a great picture too!

And these two got some on their shoulder blades!

On their wrists.

Matching flowers were inked onto their middle fingers to show how their love has blossomed into a great friendship over the years.

“Love Always”
This one is really unique and extremely bosslike. In the mother’s handwriting, the daughter got a tattoo that says, “Love always, Mom.” The mother got one in her daughter’s handwriting that reads, “Love always, Brekkan.” Beautiful!

You Are My Sunshine…
They got matching tats on their feet of the popular nursery rhyme! You are my sunshine (on the daughter’s foot)… my only sunshine (on the mother’s foot).

They are birds of a feather, so they got some amazingly detailed, matching feathers tattooed onto their feet!

Careful, ladies, those things sting!

“Daughters” by John Mayer
They got the lyrics from John Mayer’s song called “Daughters” inked onto their shoulder blades. The identical tattoos read:
I know a girl
she puts the color
inside of my world

Stand Tall
Like a giraffe. The daughter added, “My mom always gives me the best advice and it always ends with ‘Keep your head high & always stay strong.’”

Mom got one half and daughter the other. Nice!

Are you ready to get inked like a boss?!