Let us know if you like this idea, but the plan is to compile a bunch of random and awesome pictures each week for you bosses. Here is the first batch!
We’ll start off with the biggest pool in the world. This thing covers 20 acres! The deep end is 135 feet. While you can swim in it, you can also boat, kayak and windsail in the beautiful clear water! Using an incredible filtration system, the pool gets its water from the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by private beaches!

That is a lot of dogs!

Will you look at that stunning view!

He’s crazy!

And they are too!

This guy made some excellent life choices.

Anyone else want a drink?

The handicapped fought back by occupying empty parking spots with their wheelchairs. They had signs on them like: “I’ll be quick!”

Whoo is it? Owl be right there!

60lbs lost in a year. She’s a boss!

Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger consoling his opponents at the World Cup. The Brazilians really needed it! Fun fact: “Schweinsteiger” means “pig climber”.


Donuts! Yummy!

Una cerveza mas, por favor.

How to crowd surf like a boss!