Howard Kirby from Michigan bought a really uncomfortable second hand sofa, when he investigated and found a box with 43 000 dollars inside.

It is not every day you find a treasure chest with 43 000 dollars, but Howard Kirby actually did. He found them in his sofa. And then, even tho the money was legally his, he returned them to owner.

According to WNEM TV, Howard Kirby bought a sofa on a second hand store, Habitat for Humanity in Owosso, Michigan. When he sat in it, he found it uncomfortable, and decided to open one of the cushions. Inside, Howard discovered a box filled with money. He counted 43 000 dollars.

His lawyer told him that legally, the money was his to keep, but Mr. Kirby felt it was wrong. He contacted the second hand store and they managed to track down the owner.

The owner was Kim Fauth-Newberry, who gave away the his grandfathers coach after he passed away. Kim and her family said they had planned to burn the sofa if they couldn’t give it away.

Howard Kirby said it felt good to give back the money to the rightful owners, and that it was his faith that made him do it.

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