Some ideas are simply brilliant and you might sit around wondering why no one has put them into action. Maybe because everyone is just sitting around thinking about how awesome these ideas are… (MIND = BLOWN!)
Inverted Meals On Wheels
Got a bunch of leftovers you know you won’t eat? There should be a service that picks up that food and distributes it to the needy.

Engineering Wikipedia
A web site a lot like Wikipedia that would list all parts within an object, where they originate from and what other things have similar parts. Very elaborate, but it would be extremely helpful!

Minivan Progress Bar
In the backseat of every minivan, there should be a progress bar telling the children how close you are to your destination. This would eliminate the need for the most annoying question of them all: “Are we there yet?!”

“None Of The Above”
This should be an option in elections. If it wins, the election is held again with new candidates that (hopefully) don’t suck as much.

First To Google It
If you’re the first to look something up on Google, it should alert you of this achievement. Hop to it, Google!

Microwave Mute Button
Do you ever just wish your microwave would shut its figurative cakehole for a little bit? A mute button would solve this 1st world problem like a boss.

Learn A Language Book
A book that gradually introduces a new language as you read it.

Car Engine Shazam
You know how mechanics can sometimes tell what’s wrong with your engine just by listening to it? Well, maybe someone should develop an app like Shazam that automatically diagnoses your engine based on the sound it’s making!

Elevator Button Upgrade
If you accidentally press an elevator button, you should be able to long press it to cancel your selection.

Personal Band-Aids
For these, you’d scan in your skin tone and then order custom band-aids based on that.

Fading Highlighter
If the highlighter would fade after six months, you could re-sell your college textbooks.

Prom Dress & Tie Combo
Prom dresses (and a variety of other dresses) should be sold with matching ties to make it easier for gentlemen to match their ladies.

Flight Talk Preference
This way, when you book a flight you could select whether or not you want to sit by someone who is a blabbermouth.

Which of these brilliant ideas is your favorite?!