A business card is a great way to share basic information about you and/or your business with potential clients upon formally meeting them. Usually these cards will include your name, company name and other important information about you like your e-mail address and phone number. It also serves as a convenient memory aid for that person, when they want to get in touch with you after you’ve met them.
But how do you make sure that this person you’ve just handed your business card actually remembers who you are and that you’re the first person that comes to mind when he or she is looking for someone in your field of expertise? It’s simple really… you have to make your business cards unique and preferably even directly related to what you do. The following 15 business card designs are extremely clever ways to make this happen for you like a boss!
#1: Cheese Grater Business Card

This particular business card not only shares information about the business, but also provides the person with an actual cheese grater. If you were to run a company that produces cheese or some sort of establishment that sells it, this business card would be pure gold.
#2: Divorce Lawyer Business Card

A very clever play on the occupation of the divorce lawyer. The lawyer helps people separate their lives during a divorce and his or her business card also separates! This business card can be torn in half to give both parties to be involved in the divorce contact information. Note that the phone number and e-mail address are provided on both halves once the business card has been torn.
#3: Yoga Mat Business Card

This one is simple yet brilliant! The business card can be rolled up like a yoga mat, making it perfect for any gym or fitness center that offers yoga classes.
#4: Personal Trainer Business Card

If you’re a personal trainer and your job is to get people fit (which usually includes shedding some belly fat), then this card would be a perfect way to make that point. The perforated edge along the belly of the man displayed on the card allows you to literally tear off the belly fat!
#5: Cigarette Filter Business Card

Parts of this business card can be torn off and used as a cigarette filter. If you were to own a tobacco shop or a medical marijuana dispensary, this card would be great. (Or maybe you’re just a drug dealer handing out business cards? Hey! We don’t judge… but please be safe.)
#6: Yoga Straw Business ‘Card’

This one is really a straw, but it’s very clever. Yoga makes you more flexible and bendy, much like a straw. Judging by how this list is going so far, yoga instructors are the most creative people on the planet!
#7: Picture Frame Business Card

This business card looks like a nice picture frame on the front with the store’s information written on the back. It’d be a very memorable business card to hand out as the owner of a store that sells frames. Such creativity!
#8: Chair Business Card

A card that can be taken apart and turned into a little chair. An excellent design for any furniture store. Just don’t try to sit on the tiny chair.
#9: Mini Plungers

Another one that isn’t really a business card, but it’s still a very innovative and unique way to share information about your plumbing business in a manner that won’t soon be forgotten.
#10: Bike Tool Business Card

This one might be the brightest idea on the entire list. A bike shop giving out business cards that also function as a bike tool. This means every time someone is repairing their bike with your free bike tool / business card, they’ll have your company information staring them right in the face!
#11: Cargo Box Business Card

This one folds into a little box! A great idea for any cargo or moving company.
#12: Dried Meat Business Card

A great one for any survival trainer. It looks like you can really eat it…
#13: Grillable Business Card

You have to heat this one up to make the business information appear on the card. Inb4 people just end up burning the card!

#14: Tennis Table Business Card

Perfect for any tennis, table tennis or sports related business.
#15: Seed Packet Business Card

An envelope containing grass seeds along with the lawn care company’s information is a cunning way to come to mind when someone needs assistance with their lawn. Now tear open that envelope and do not cease to shake it until you’ve spilled all your seed.
We hope these 15 great business cards help get your creative juices flowing the next time you’re in the market for some cards. Share this post with anyone you think might benefit from having a bosslike card in their business arsenal.