In Levittown, New York, there is a small shop called Center Lane Stationary. The owner of the store is a guy named Avi, who works seven days per week. 12 hours a day! He loves his job and is a rock within the small community. The people of Levittown truly love Avi and his little shop. It’s no surprise that they were devastated when he told them that he’d probably have to close his shop down soon.
You see, a while back, Avi’s wife Bharati was diagnosed with cancer and the medical bills for her treatments have added up to the point where Avi would have no choice but to close his shop. The community as a whole didn’t want this to happen, so they staged a flash mob at Center Lane Stationary to clear the shelves in Avi’s shop so he could afford to keep his cherished business going. It was a cash mob!
As you can see in the video below, the cash mob was an enormous success and Avi was delighted. At first, he had no clue what was going on, but then he figured it out and was incredibly happy to know the community stands behind him 100%. Small business like his are important in communities like Levittown. Personal service like the kind you receive at a shop like Avi’s won’t be matched at any regular store.