Cat tattoos, also known as cattoos, are becoming more and more common among cat owners who have formed a purrfect bond with their feline friend(s). Let’s take a look at the best ones right meow!
It’s Like A Mirror
A great cattoo with the inspiration also in the photo.

We’ll Never Be Royals
But this cat already is!

Angry Kitty
Get the hell away from me, you demon cat!

Gangsta Cat
I want to meet the dude who got this cattoo. He’s probably gangsta-as-fu…

Gentleman Cat
This cattoo is extremely well done and I’m loving that cat rockin’ a hat!

A little more simple cattoo. Not bad at all.

Miley Cyrus Cattoo
This is easily one of the tamer things Miley has done recently.

Earl Grey Cat
He looks pretty happy in that tea cup.

Cat Burger
Do we eat it or pet it?

Cat Nap
A true cat nap cattoo must be stylish like this one. I’m relaxed just looking at it.

Pretty Kitty
It might attack though.

Playing Cat
This cat is playing with a heart-shaped ball of string.