We know her as Mary Poppins and the young queen Victoria. But an acting career was not on young Emilys mind, because she struggled with stuttering

We all have dreams, but many of us feel like it isn’t in the cards for us. So this article is about those who made it against all odds. And next time you tell yourself you don’t have enough money to pursue the dream, or you are living in the the wrong place and don’t have the time.. This is for you.

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt was the child of an actress and teacher mom, and barista dad. She had three other siblings, and they grew up in London. When Emily was 7 years old, she started to stutter. The stuttering became a major problem for her.

She told W magazine, “I was a smart kid, and had a lot to say, but I just couldn’t say it. It would just haunt me. I never thought I’d be able to sit and talk to someone like I’m talking to you right now.”

Luckily Emily was blessed with great teachers at school which encouraged her to drama at school, and experimented with ways to help her. Together they tried accents, different voices and at age 14, the Devil wears Prada actress overcame the stuttering.

Emily went on to sit on the board of directors for the American Institute for Stuttering

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