The world knows her and the world loves her. But not everyone knows how hard she had to work and how she came from nothing and gained it all.

Oprah Winfrey‘s upbringing is a sad story, and it it truly amazing how she made it against all odds. When Oprah was a little girl, she grew up on a farm with her poor grandmother. Later, she moved to her mother, and she was mistreated and molested by family members.

Her mother decided that Oprah was a problematic child, and wanted to send her to a home for naughty girls. Luckily for Oprah, they did not have any more rooms, so instead she was sendt to her father. Her father was a very strict man, and demanded Oprah to read and study hard. Even tho it wasn’t always that much fun, she later appreciated the skills she learned.

When Oprah was 14 years old, she became pregnant. Sadly, the child died two weeks after it was born. In all the tragedy, this young girl managed to push through, and finished high school as an honors student. This gave her a scholarship to college, and a way to start her career.

She became a news anchor in Nashville, and made her way through the industry, all the way to the top. The world know her today as one of the most successful women on earth, a selfmade billionaire, philanthropist and superstar. It is amazing how she made it, agains all odds, thanks to her own hard work. Respect.

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