With every aspect of military power taken into consideration, the United States military clearly still reigns supreme worldwide, however a lot of countries have some amazing special forces within their militaries that don some impressive uniforms to say the least.
Germany’s KSK
The Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) are the special forces commandos of the German military (the Bundeswehr). They are handpicked from the ranks of the German army for the special operations division and only the most qualified soldiers will ever make it into the selection process. Most fail out of the Bundeswehr’s Commando Course (Einzelkämpferlehrgang in German), but the ones that are elite enough to make it through that qualify for the KSK training, which is even more brutal!

The initial three weeks is composed of physical and psychological training. 40% of selected soldiers pass this phase. Only about 8% make it through the physical endurance that follows for the next three months. It includes fun activities like a 90-hour cross-country run!

Those determined, strong and fit enough to become part of this elite special forces military unit will be utilized in various anti-terror operations and other ops that require the best of the best!
French Special Forces
While France is mostly known for white-flag-waving around the globe, their special forces are highly trained and more than capable of taking care of business when shit hits the fan.

Coordinated through the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales (COS), which translates to Special Operations Command, the French special forces have units in the Army, Navy and Air Force of the country. All of them are boss!

Check out that face paint. Would you mess with these dudes? Not likely, sir. Not likely. Maybe the French aren’t all pushovers afterall.
Norway’s MJK
No way are you messing with Norway’s special forces unit. The Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK) are the Norwegian Navy’s special operations forces unit. Established in 1953, they have been boss ever since. Being involved in all sorts of special ops including guerrilla warfarce, special reconnaissance, protection of ships and oil installations, and of course counter-terrorism as well as hostage situations.

To become part of the MJK, it takes a minimum of two years of special training beyond regular military training (obviously). After the initial two years, it takes more time to train for your specific function within the unit.

As you can probably imagine, it’s not easy to get into the Marinejegerkommandoen. Out of 200 applicants, only about 5 men are chosen to have the opportunity to TRY to get in. One of the many demanding tests for these very lucky 5 out of 200 soldiers includes carrying a 130lbs (60kg) backpack, while other soldiers, K-9 units (yes, highly trained dogs) and the local police chase you. Once captured, you get to go through 36 hours of interrogation. And that’s just one of the tests! So yeah… they’re pretty boss.
Huntsmen Corps
In Denmark, the Royal Danish Army has an elite special forces unit called the Huntsmen Corps. If that name isn’t awesome enough for you, check out their uniforms!

In Danish they are called the Jægerkorpset and they have been around in Denmark since 1785. In its current form, the Huntsmen Corps has been established since 1961. This special forces unit is so elite that they have only trained 362 soldiers total since 1961!
Peruvian Special Forces
We couldn’t even find much information about Peru’s special forces, but look at these guys! The skull war paint is frightening and there is a good chance these soliders won’t mess around in battle.

Taiwan’s Special Forces
If there was a “best dressed” (or should we say intimidating?) award for special ops, Taiwan’s new special forces uniforms would knock it out of the park with their new masks that may fuel more than a few nightmares. Not only do these masks conceal their identities, but they also petrify the enemy AND stop bullets.

The 2.5lbs mask made out of Kevlar will stop anything up to a .357 Magnum slug, but prepare for immediate death should you manage to fire a bullet at one of these special forces soldiers. As Juicy J would say, “a gun plus a mask, you do the math.”

Now you’re aware of some of the most terrifyingly efficient special forces units around the globe and the bosslike uniforms they wear. There are many courageous young men willing to risk it all to become part of these elite units and achieve glory! Only very few will ever make it into their ranks however.