Some amazing life hacks for the broke college student. You’re welcome!
Coffee Maker Hot Dogs
You don’t have a stove to boil water, but you want to heat up some hot dogs for your poverty dinner? Use your coffee maker, bruh! You can put the buns on top, so you don’t even need a plate.

Washer Cooler
Turn your washing machine into a cooler with some ice (which you probably jacked from a nearby hotel ice machine or something). Cold beer is much more important than clean clothes.

Tennis Racket Pasta Strainer
Maybe you enjoy a nice game of tennis now and then, but you forgot to buy a strainer for when you cook some noodles. It looks like these life hackers are making ravioli! Fancy.

Cheat Sheet Life Hack
This is mostly for women, but maybe men will start wearing stockings to do this as well.

Poverty Cups
Turn old plastic bottles into a variety of cups. Get creative, it’s college!

Dorm Room Hot Tub
Good luck with your flooding the building goals of this school year, gentlemen!

Bunk Couches
Whether you need to use them as beds (because you’re broke and in college) or just to have more people in the room during epic parties and video game sessions, it doesn’t matter. This is a great idea and you’ll have so much more room for activities!

Water Fountain Refill
This is how you get a ton of water for free. (Nothing about college is free, but we can pretend.)

Poverty Beer Fountain
What is this? Am I in heaven?!

So you partied too hard and snapped your arm in half? Now you have a cast around your arm and the doctor said you probably can’t hold a bottle for a few weeks. He lied to you, because he forgot you can just tape bottles to your hand! This reminds me of that Edward Beerhands game.

Not your clothes. Use your iron as a stove when you you’re broke-as-fuck living in a filthy dorm.

You can even use it to heat up a delicious slice of left over pizza. That’s why irons are shaped like that.

Chair Desk
No desk in sight? Just use a chair!

Fake Arm
How to use your phone to cheat on a test. Don’t get caught and we didn’t give you this tip!

Phone Speakers
So classy!

Food Processor
Just attach knives to a fan and throw whatever you want to chop at it. This is extremely dangerous, but YOLO right? No, wrong. Do not attempt this, ever.

Beer Can Shower Head
This is a thing. Holy hell!

Now you can improve your college life with our great tips like a boss!