These interesting facts about the human body might shock and surprise you.
1. You Can’t Tickle Yourself
When you try to tickle yourself, the feeling of unease and panic that illicits laughter when another person tickles you won’t develop.

2. You’re About One Centimeter Taller In The Morning
During the day, your spine compresses by about a centimeter (a little less than half an inch) and this ‘height’ is gained again while you’re lying in bed sleeping at night.

3. Your Fingers Are Very Sensitive
To illustrate this point: If you had fingers the size of the entire Earth, you could feel the difference between a house and a car!

4. The Higher Your IQ, The More You Dream
If you’re a complete brainiac with an enormous… intelligence quotient, you’ll be dreaming all night!

5. We Can Make 900 Pencils Out Of You
The average human body contains enough carbon to make 900 pencils. It also contains enough fat for seven bars of soap (ever watch ‘Fight Club’?) and 10 gallons of water!

6. Your Brain Uses A Ton Of Energy
The human brain takes up roughly 2% of an adult’s body mass, but it uses 20% of the body’s oxygen and energy (calories)! Wanna burn more calories? Get a bigger brain!

7. You’re 50% Banana
Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.

8. You Fart A LOT
The average person breaks wind 15 times per day. Each fart contains 3.5oz of gas, so 15 x 3.5 = 52.5oz of gas each day! Most of it originates from swallowed air, with the rest coming from the fermentation of undigested food.

9. Your Stomach Acid Is Hardcore
The acid contained within your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades!

10. You Should Smile More
While it takes 17 muscles to smile, it takes a staggering 43 to frown! Turn that frown upside down to prevent wrinkles from forming.

That’s it for today’s lesson. Go be a boss some more!