Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova are a creative couple that love to travel and are also into photography. They decided to trek around the Globe taking pictures of various locations at the same time.
In the project called Lens Between Us, they simultaneously snap photographs while face one another. We thought it was a very cool, unique idea to give you a little more perspective on the surroundings of a person when they take a photograph of a certain location.
With two photographers facing each other, you get a more complete view of the landscape and also an image of both photographers. It provides a more uncut view of what is happening around each photographer as they take their own limited snapshot of the world around them!
Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia
Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia
Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
Prague, Czech Republic
Bratislava, Slovakia
Berlin, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Bakod, Hungary
Algarve, Portugal

This is sightseeing and taking pictures as a couple like a boss! Safe travels!