A wedding should be incredibly awesome and fun for everyone involved. And you should always snap some excellent photos to remember it. The wedding pics that follow should help inspire you like a boss.
Guns + Wedding = Boss
Taking a picture where everyone in the wedding party is holding guns isn’t just for rednecks. It’s for all badasses that like to shoot guns and be amazing. The proof is in the following photos.

Bridesmaids Butts
This (probably) wasn’t a drunken wardrobe malfunction, but it is hilarious! The bride is shocked. Shocked!

Heart Group Picture
It’s not funny, but it is pretty boss!

Bridesmaids Toast
Getting a shot of the bridesmaids toast from below like this is a really brilliant idea too!

Tiny Bride Perspective Shot
Always a winner.

Hello, Gentlemen!
What the heck kind of wedding was this?!

Bride with Flower Girl
This is just adorable.

Wedding Guests Giving Privacy
For the newlywed couple’s first makeout session, they’re going to need some privacy!

Goofy Groomsmen
Allow the gentlemen to get a little wild and crazy.

Drunken Bridesmaids with Bride
Because women can be goofy (and drunk) too!

Wedding Party with the Newlyweds’ Ride
That’s the sweet ride they’ll be using to ride off into the sunset together. Replace the car with a horse for bonus points!

Bride Knows How to Fight
Incorporate the bride’s favorite activity into a few photos. Hopefully it’s Kung Fu, because that’s bosslike!

The Wedding Jump
It’s been done a million times (probably more), but it’s still a cool idea! I guess you gotta call it a ‘hop’ for people without mad ups.

Chillin’ on the Bride’s Dress
The newlyweds laying together on the bride’s massive dress. This one even ended up as a heart shape for extra awesomeness! Very bosslike.

To all the newlyweds, we wish you all the best for your future. To everyone else, drink up! It’s wedding season!