Creativity reigns supreme when you’re trying to get tips from people while working in the service industry. Even though hard work and being an attentive member of service personnel certainly pays off, these tip jars will have people emptying their pockets and wallets like a boss all by themselves! (Provided the service at the place isn’t completely terrible.)
Darth Vader
The infamous Star Wars villain Darth Vader needs your help to build a new Death Star, so throw all your money into this tip jar!

Rick Ross vs Bob Ross
Most people don’t know Rick Ross was a correctional officer for 18 months before he quit that gig to become a famous gangsta rapper (and ridiculously rich). Bob Ross is still more gangster however judging by this. Even though he’s been dead for almost 20 years, Bob Ross is still a boss.

College Campus
The clever workers at a college pizza joint want students to tip them instead of buying weed to make them hungry for more pizza.

This poor goldfish needs cash to survive, so you better toss some in that tip jar like a boss!

Justin Bieber is a Lady
Barack Obama firmly believes Justin Bieber is a lady as opposed to just another girl. You should tip, if you agree!

Because the Star Wars Stormtroopers can’t aim for shit, they need marksmanship training.

Sloth Into Space
Help send this awesome sloth into space by paying for his astronaut training with your tips.

Boys vs Girls
Who tips better? Let’s find out and get a bunch of tips in the process!

Money is Evil
Because money is the root of all that is evil, you should cleanse yourself by throwing all your cash into that tip cup.

Mullets for Children
Save children from the shame and disgrace of having a mullet by tipping.

Unicorn Death
Are you trying to kill all the unicorns left? I didn’t think so…

Basketball Hoop
We bet you can’t make that shot! Prove us wrong like a boss!

Just the Tip
That’s what she said.