For many people, going on dates has gotten stale and some couples don’t even bother anymore. If you’re bored to death from “dinner and a movie” type dates, then we have the cure for you in this article.
The date ideas that follow are unique, creative and romantic. With Saturday upon us, the timing for this couldn’t be any better. (We are bosses afterall.)

Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt. Someone places a treasure somewhere and publishes the location online. Utilizing a GPS device, you hunt said treasure down. This can be more fun and exciting than you’d think and sets you up for a great date!
A Night in [Insert Foreign City Name]

This is another brilliant idea. Decorate your house or apartment like a restaurant in the foreign city of your choice. (Some great examples would be Paris or Rome.) For bonus points, get one of your friends to dress up like a waiter and speak with an accent! This may sound cheesy, but it shows off your creativity and sense of humor, which sets you up for having a very fun date night.

A classic, but still perfect for a day date that could extend into the night (if you play your cards right).
Boss tip: If it gets chilly in the evening hours, collect some wood to build a fire.
Taking the picnic date to a skyscraper rooftop, greenhouse, fruit orchard, library or museum can take it to the next level. You’ll likely need some connections to make it happen though. Good thing bosses have connections!
Wine Tasting

This only works if you’re in a wine region, but it’s a terrific date idea. It can easily be combined with the picnic idea as well.

If you love animals (who doesn’t?), this is another great possibility for a day date. If you go during a time of the year when the zoo isn’t very busy, this can get extra romantic.
Boss tip: If the zoo has a playground, go have some fun playing with your date!
Horse-Drawn Carriage

Your date’s mind will be blown, when you take them on a tour of the city in a horse-drawn carriage like a boss.
Get Extreme

This one is for the truly adventurous only. Do something like skydiving or bungee jumping. A hot air balloon ride would be a little less “crazy” variation on this theme.
Go Karting and/or Putt Putt

Riding go karts is tons of fun. Take a few laps and play a game of mini golf before eating some food to replenish your lost energy and talk (this could be a picnic).
Dance Lessons

If you’ve been together for a while, salsa dancing lessons (for example) could be a great idea for multiple dates. Follow the classes up with nice dinners and you’re golden! Plus you’ll learn how to salsa dance.
Boss tip: Learning a new activity together doesn’t have to be limited to dancing. You can also take cooking classes, photography classes, etc. if that’s more up your alley. The point is to learn something new together!
Bowling or Ice Skating

Two dating classics that will never get old. You can have tons of fun doing both of these things, especially if you suck at them!
Now get out there and have fun with your date(s) like a boss!